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We performed a high grade polish on this stunning Patek Philippe 4 years ago, but it only feels like yesterday!

We regularly work on this prestigious brand at Luxury Watchmaker Australia, in line with the manufacturers standards.

The unique design reflects the beauty of the watch. Every style and technique is meticulously carried out with genuine artistry and exceptional craftsmanship.
It involves various artisan processes such as inlays, enamel painting, the setting of precious stones, and extremely delicate engraving.
When was the brand established? – The Patek Philippe brand was originally established in 1839 in Geneva, Switzerland.
How many pieces are produced per year?  – Approximately around 62,000 pieces a year for worldwide consumption.

Patek Philippe is widely-regarded as one of the best and most prestigious high-end luxury watch brands on the market.

The firm takes creativity and craftsmanship very seriously, going to great lengths to achieve impressive milestones in design and quality.

A staggering degree of care, expertise, and artisanal skill goes into each and every finished timepiece.

Quality over quantity is the norm for this reputed brand, and it takes immense pride in the exclusivity of its timepieces. In fact, over its long history, it’s estimated that Patek Philippe has created only about 1 million watches in total. Other brands are known to produce that many watches in just 1 year!

This is part of why the company’s watches are so highly sought-after worldwide by collectors and fans. Rare Patek Philippe models fetch record auction prices, like the Graves “Supercomplication” pocket watch, purchased at over $24 million USD.

Who was the founder of the brand? – Antoni Norbert Patek was born on June 12, 1812, in Piaski, a small village in Poland.

Patek Philippe Founder Antoine Norbert de Patek

Founder portrait; images courtesy of Patek Philippe

The brand also plays a leading role in preserving and celebrating the history of horology through the Patek Philippe Museum. The museum features many historic timepieces from other manufacturers in addition to showcasing vintage Patek Philippe creations.

The breadth of its collections is truly extraordinary, encompassing over 500 years of European watchmaking history.

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